February 1, 2018

Schacht v1.5 download





Schacht v1.5

Schacht v1.5 download

Clean torrent Schacht v1.5

A platform is a fast 3D platform set in the field of interstellar science fiction. In a very competitive game you have to run with friends and strangers all over the world. Players must challenge challenging challenges as soon as possible. In this way, he has special abilities to overcome different types of obstacles, such as power fields, deadly platforms, slides or large spaces in space. The players can choose between 4 million different trips, parkourprif master’s items

Let your friends grow smoothlywhile trying to keep the spirit of an asynchronous multi-player! The best races for each player are caught and kept as the ghosts are called, to be encouraged by others, to compare them. Know who are the fastest high scores, and set a number!

To compete with others and do the best, it offers Schacht Leagues and high scores every day, weekly Do not personalize your challenge with custom personalization. It’s a bit stupid, but it’s worth it and it’s already offering different combinations. And notThat was enough, there’s also an editorial level to build your level and share it with the community

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