Erertz Hehedert – VR app.

A virtual reality content app

We joined forces with the team at BeyondVR. The project was to recreate a special VR experience for “Eretz Nehederet” (Hebrew for “A Great Country”); a show somewhat similar to Saturday Night Live in the US.

This TV program is a comedy show, with live studio audience parts alongside edited outdoor sketches. It’s popularity hasn’t dwindled at all, and has been airing in Israel for 13 seasons (and counting)!

To present this show in VR convincingly, the solution was to first recreate the famous sphere-shaped studio inside an VR environment. The main characters played by the famous actors were then added in a circle around the viewer. The viewer can choose to view the latest video clips from the host by gazing at the host’s VR character, that’s when the videos will pop and pan out. The character will even make a special move when the viewer’s eyes rests on him/her.

We also added the show’s animation series from Nir&Gali Studios, and a special behind-the-scenes 360 video that we shot backstage during the show.

We were proud and honour to have collaborated with one of Israel’s most popular comedy shows. Our user statistics seem to say the same too!

The TV-VR evolution is coming. Are you ready for it?

For all of you around the world who can speak Hebrew, you can try out the mobile application by downloading it here.

You can read our press feature by Mako TV here.

 Screen shots

Some screens from the app.