Villa Veet

1st VR Game Campaign in Israel

Based on Byond’s technology,  a cool and addictive VR-Game for Veet brand as part of an orchestrated campaign led by McCANN digital.

Veet is a brand for hair removal creams, mouses and gels that had managed to create a leading total-look-care perspectives and keeps innovating every year in term of media campaigns.

Every year they have the “Villa-Veet” project which is all around few hundred girls entering a luxury Villa and having beauty/care treats for the day.
The innovation comes every year from the pre-requisites assignments required in order to enter the Villa – which are always related to new innovative technology usage.

This year they chose VR , the whole VR-Game was built on Byond’s VR platform – we at Clutch studio created all the enviorments modeling, adding gamification features, measurements and distribution to various platforms (iphone and android, with or without cardboard headsets).

The numbers soar high and engagement is getting very serious.
The game turned out to be simply addictive , adding the gamification features inside helped even more.   And the girls keeps trying and trying and get immersed in the experience.

To accompany the play – with help of Peer print (link)  had distributed 500 headsets to those which enlisted first and that was part of the mix.

Here’s a sample promotional play video (from the Instagram Campaign)

The game was a resounding success, and we will continue to create and improve our VR experiences!

You can also try out the game by downloading our mobile application – StartVR in Apple and Google Stores.

360 environments

360 rooms of the Vill Veet

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