January 30, 2018

LocK A FoLdeR Teddy Boy Torrent





LocK A FoLdeR

LocK A FoLdeR Teddy Boy Torrent

Clean torrent LocK A FoLdeR

LocK-A-FoLder can be a great tool for those looking for ways to hide the contents of certain folders from the eyes of others. It’s very easy to use and since it’s an open source package, you do not have to download payment and activate the program.

Key Features and Applications

LocK-A-FoLdeR’s main objective is to create encrypted files using user-generated parent keywords. The process itself is very simple. First of all, the directory is what you wantclose, selected. UserClick the icon and create a special password. Once this password has been entered and confirmed, the folder has been closed. However, it is also missing from the desk itself. In order to find this “hidden” folder, users must access the main application and enter the same password.

additional options

It is possible to hide an unlimited number of files with LocK-A-FoLder. Different passwords can be selected for each file or keyword that can be selected to open thatwhole group. Very little memory is required, so this package can be a good choice for an operating system that can work more lambat.Ini with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

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