January 3, 2018

FastStone Capture Torrent





FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture Torrent

Clean torrent FastStone Capture

If you want to take a screenshot, you can use the keyboard keyboard PrtScr. But if you need to make the basic image of the captured image, FastStone Capture is a good solution.

The screenshot of FastStone Capture is a minimalist application underneath the Tools and options under the small interface. This program includes images (full screen mode, active window, rectangular field, manual adjustment by hand, and even more rotate) and work with all known formatsdu.

But most of the FastStone Capture page will pop up after the screenshot. This program displays the captured image and allows you to work in different ways: add the signature, resize the image, apply special effects, draw any shape, select the selected field, etc.

FastStoneCapture has some other interesting options, such as saving and naming files, fast-track help and downloading live-FTP server imagesability.

FastStone Capture full-featured capture tool, which allows you to take photos on the screen as well as editing.


Add “Get Images From Scanner”. Batch scan is supported in PDF, TIFF, JPEG and PNG files. The user rotates, cuts, corrects images, allows you to add annotations to save scanned images directly to this tool

“Added a fixed-area region” has been added.

“Repeat last catch” added

Now dragYou can drop it to insert the image into the editor

Add option “Fit to width” (press K) in the internal editor

Other minor repairs and repairs

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