December 20, 2017

DimScreen 64/32 Bit Update download






DimScreen 64/32 Bit Update download

Clean torrent DimScreen

DimScreen is a small source that easily changes the brightness of your screens. With laptops, it is achieved thanks to two shortcuts (Fn and two function keys); It’s in computers like a desktop, where these keys do not work or do not exist, DimScreen proves its value.

Because it does not have to be installed, the executable DimScreen file can remain in any folder, such as the home directory. The right click on the notification icon makes the menu Select brightness, with ten different single levels.To help you find the icon, DimScreen automatically relieves the menu.

Keyboard shortcuts are very useful. They are configured in the Settings menu. They replace the function keys in laptops. DimScreen also offers the ability to choose the brightness level that will be implemented when you start the program.

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