September 9, 2017

DayZ Arma 2 32-Bit





DayZ Arma 2

DayZ Arma 2 32-Bit & 64-Bit Download Torrent

Clean torrent DayZ Arma 2

The weapon is Dayz Mod 2, so that the military confrontation in the survival of the game has changed in a world that is polluted postapocalyptic zombies. 2 at that time they were in the original use of weapons in the game Zrequires day.

Branch of a terrible game

The only goal is to survive in the Dayz of the brain and refuse the gorgingzombie. This escapes the civitatealterum of what you are looking for food or weapons arsenal. If you can not adapt to this world is against you, will you die beginnenvan nuuto start?

Bewareget zombies and other players!

DayzThis is a great multiplayer game where you can share it with many others, the world of players is the same. Meet other is uncertain as good or bad intention, alone or with sintsunt. Every hour to keep it for the good of society overleefen better players.

Zombies are the most obvious danger, of course, always carefully spheres, but the rest who want to prepare. Fortunately, not only the impulse of the human being are the players an optionbe scary. Communicate with other players fabellarumquaerere strategy necessary to survive.

Great graphics and carrots

The quality of the developer is by far the best Dayz. This is not only a huge card (about one and a half hours we have to go from one end to the other) and it is full of meadows, forests and cities full of dangers. The graphics are great, arms 2 engine, which has aliquossleeve shine were serious. Characters, objects, and environments that are astonishing;Although often.

Unique game experience

Dayz is really deep and devastated game environment.

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