February 9, 2018

AnonymoX for Chrome x86 Download





AnonymoX for Chrome

AnonymoX for Chrome x86 Download

Clean torrent AnonymoX for Chrome

Anonymous for Chrome is an add-on that gives you a quick and anonymous search.

If you are concerned about privacy online, anonymoX is an excellent option. If enabled, you can choose a random IP address, delete cookies and your visible IP, all to make life on the web a little safer.

The problem with many hijackers of IP and proxies is that they are complicated to navigate and navigate severely. This is not the case with anonymoX. It is easily installed as regularInpropChrome automatically givesa random “identity”. By clicking on the anonymous icon X next to the address bar, you can select a specific identity from the indicated list, including IP addresses of the US. U., Europe and Asia.

anonymoX goes one step further, it also reminds you to delete cookies while leaving a website or changing identities to prevent the site from recognizing you. The application also allows you to exchange between Tor services and you can activate the anonymous information lower tab extension, which identityYou are currently connected and that IP address is publicly visible. Clicking on this information can change it.

anonymoX is a good small service, although it is not very flexible. The configuration options are quite limited to what you see in the interface, but, of course, the service is very easy to use. Using most identities, we also found anonymoX, quite fast, but as always some places were slower than others, especially when choosing the United States.

YesHidden random and scanty IP when you use Chrome, anonymoX is an excellent free choice. You can always upgrade to a premium service, but if you are looking for a bit more detailed and / or anonymized configured, we recommend you look elsewhere.

For random and free anonymization, anonymoX is a great and easy to use Chrometool.

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